Look What Our Customers Are Saying...

Dear Marianne Chase:

"Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me on 4/1/09 and answer all my Chase Durer watch questions in a professional and friendly manner. This is truly a rare quality these days. I didn't expect the President of Chase Durer watches to talk to me on the phone.

I currently own a Chase Durer Trident FCX 2, a Central Command, and Bomber Command watch and can honestly say these are my favorites watches that I wear on a daily basis. Chase Durer watches are dependable, accurate and look great. I also own other name brand watches but seem to always put a Chase Durer watch on my wrist. The build quality, appearance, and accuracy of your Chase Durer watches are outstanding. I look forward to my next Chase Durer watch purchase."

Thanks again,
- George Dalke

“I want to commend you people for coming up with a watch that won’t let you down. This is absolutely the best time tested watch I have ever owned due to its durability and accuracy. YOU GUYS ROCK!”
- Technical Sgt CB. P, USAF, Munford, TN

“If R---x made a watch around the $500 area this would be it! This watch is absolutely gorgeous. You get alot of watch for what you are paying. Keep up the good work Chase-Durer.”
- low070

“I’ve talked to other pilots who wear Chase-Durer watches and it seems everyone agrees that the CD pilot watches are not only magnificently designed and rugged, they are true precision instruments that perform great. They cost far less than other ‘pilot’ watches and look a heck of a lot better. Chase-Durer is arguably the best chronograph watch value in the world.”
- Drew the Watchmaven

“About four years ago my wife purchased the Special Forces 1000 watch for my birthday. It has been the most accurate watch I have ever owned. I would be lost without it.”
- Allen F, Orlando, FL

“Without question the best watch value today. High quality, reliable, and well designed.”
- Admiral B.

“This watch is absolutely incredible! It should win a design award! I own dozens and this one just puts to shame many costing several times the amount. I think it’s every bit as well made as my R---x, perhaps better. The steel bracelet is certainly better made on the Abyss. R---x   Thanks again.”
- Ed N.

“Thank you for your concern regarding my watch. The phone call was a pleasant surprise. It is refreshing to have a company that actually cares about their customers. It is obvious that I made the right choice in purchasing your product. Keep up the good work! Thank you again,
- Alan B, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

“Don’t miss the chance to see these superb timepieces. The overview is right on target. Sexy, rugged, suave....but most important, is the top quality at prices that are unbelievable. Compare at twice the price. And finding this kind of superior ‘look’ anywhere else, just isn’t going to happen.”
- Expert Watchman

“Thank you for your prompt response to my request.  It's nice to know that there is a company that cares about the people that own their product (I could and will if you request tell you about the problem I have had with another company, I collect wrist watches and only want quality, not only in the time piece but from the company it self.) Again thank you and I look forward to many years of a relationship with your fine company.”
- Patrick A, Old Orchard Beach, ME

“I have a T-g, R---x and a lot of other brands. For the money I wish I found out about Chase-Durer before I bought the above mentioned. The money I saved, I could have had a great vacation in the islands.”
- Watch Fan

“I purchased this particular watch prior to and specifically for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I needed a watch that was tough and had certain tactical designs that I felt were needed in field duty. The purchase of this watch proved to be an outstanding choice. I selected the nylon band as opposed to the metal bracelet due to my concern of inadvertantly scraping or banging the bracelet, which in the wrong circumstances increased the possibility of giving away my position or perhaps compromising the element of surprise during close offensive operations. The band has proven durable and remains attractive after an entire tour in the field. The PVD coating and sapphire crystal are without scratches of any kind.  I found the brightness of the Super-Luminova markings to be just right for military use. I was able to read the time throughout the night. The illumination system is certainly not as bright as a backlight or tritium markings, however, I specifically shunned these options due to the possibility of night firing positions being given away under unfavorable friendly circumstances. A lighted watch during hours of darkness in a combat environment is hazardous in its use and therefore worthless in this reviewers opinion. The accuracy of the watch was truly impressive! The watch maintained an accuracy +/-1 second per week throughout the length of the entire deployment and since. This watch was worn daily, that is to say I did not take it off once, not once! The environment in which I was operating is considered some of the harshest in the world with rugged terrain, sub-zero temperatures in the winter, and highs ranging from 110-130 degrees-F in the summer. The watch never skipped a beat! Another feature of the watch that came in handy on more than one occasion was the bezel compass that I used from time to time while on foot patrols in the mountains of the Safeh Khoh Range. I received many compliments on the watch's appearance. I feel confident in recommending this watch to anyone and continue to use it as my primary work watch since my return to the States. I have since and will continue to buy Chase-Durer again.”

“I recently purchased a “Special Forces Air Assault team” watch with the black stainless band. I have to say this is the best watch I have ever owned, I set it to Satellite time over 2 months ago, and it is true to the second, so I set my radio time with it everyday, thank you again for your support.”
- SSG Paul M,

“Thus far the watch has been a joy. I have been stopped on several occasions from interested people. Compared to more expensive watches I own, this one is better, sadly, compared to higher priced watches it even looks better. GOOD JOB CD!”
- DeVaughn

“I purchased your Wing Commander model approximately three years ago. I have been extremely happy with the performance and durability of the watch. I will always wear a Chase-Durer. I am in the Marine Corps and this watch takes a beating. Thank you for your time and your excellent product.”
- Gary C, Woodbridge, VA

“I own a Combat Command and absolutely love it! The style and value of the watch is
outstanding. I am very hard on watches and wear this one daily. It has yet to let me down. Do not hesitate to go with Chase Durer.”

“Just a short note to compliment you on a great product. It is rare for me to write a company with praise, it’s usually for a complaint. My son bought me a ‘Pilot Commander’ watch for my birthday a few years ago. I’m very seldom without it now. I totally love the watch. It looks as good today as the day I got it, they are very rugged. I have never had to take it to a repair shop. I’m also a pilot and have enjoyed it in that capacity also. It’s great to deal with companies with integrity that have such awesome products. I’m purchasing another watch next month, the ‘Fighter Command Black’ just to have a change, not a replacement. Thanks for being the only place I have to look to for my watch needs.”
- Dennis L, Hurricane, UT

“I have ordered from Chase-Durer nine times and I am just extremely satisfied with your service.”
- Joseph C, Hoboken, NJ

‘I have been a very happy owner of the Blackhawk Mach 3 for more than two years. As a private pilot, I have found it to be a very useful device in many respects.”
- John M, Paradise Valley, AZ

“I owned a Special Forces. It was my favorite watch. I used it for everything. Sky diving, scuba, climbing, everything that most people would take their watch off for... I collect watches, most of which I did not wear. In my efforts to rebuild a collection after being robbed I'm looking to re-purchase this time piece.”
- Joe S, Stamford, CT

“Just wanted to pass along a comment. I have had a Br------g for the past 14 years, and it is a great watch. My son just turned 10 and I felt like he was ‘ready’ for a nicer watch, but wasn't going to spend $1,500 on a watch for a child. I ordered your Pilot Commander for him and it came in the mail today. Wow, I am kinda jealous. It is as heavy and sturdy as my Br------g and VERY reasonably priced. Look forward to seeing how it wears. I ordered your catalog and if all goes well, you may have converted me. More later, 
- Major John L, USAF, Jacksonville, FL

“I have bought three Chase watches in the last six months. I love them and find them to be the best watches on this planet. The last watch I bought was the Special Forces black on black watch. It is so comfortable; I forget I was wearing a watch. The craftsmanship can’t be compared. I have many other expensive watches, but I keep wanting more of the Chase watches. I hope the company will come out with a huge diving or some type of military watch. The bigger, the better. Anyway, you have me for a costumer to the end of time.”
- David T, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I have a Pilot Commander XVI I purchased a few years ago, and absolutely love this watch :-) It has never given me any trouble and I wear this everyday. I have never had a watch that has given me as great service as this one. Thank You.”
- Tom N, Oldsmar, FL

“Experience with your watches and service has been great! Recommend folks to you all of the time. My wife tried to get me a R---x and I told her to forget it; I like my Chase-Durer just fine!”
- Geoffrey F, Hartford, CT

“I bought a Fighter Command Stainless Steel watch 3 years ago in St. Thomas. It has always worked to perfection. I had it at 41000 feet many times while operating on the Airbus A-330. Thank you.”
- Fred H, Canada

“Saw the Bomber Command in Maxim Magazine. My parents bought it for me when I graduated from the University and became a 2Lt. in the Air Force. I think the watch is great. And I am proud to wear it.”
- Jason G, Shreveport, LA

“I collect perfect time pieces and I consider Chase-Durer to be at the leading edge.”
- Lee G, Winsford, England

“Bought a Pilot Commander XVI several years ago. Best watch I have ever owned...even
better than my R---x.”
- Lloyd S, Whitehall, OH

“I just wanted to tell you that so far my watch seems to be running great! Also, I recently
referred a friend of mine to you - Gerald H. I understand his wife just placed an order with you all. I’m very satisfied with my watch and the service that I have received from Chase-Durer - and that’s why I’m sending people to you. I hope you all are around for many years to come. I plan to purchase again within the next 5 years - the watch I just purchased will be my sons in 5 years (when he turns 21). Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!”
- Dr. Mike W, AL

“I have a Wing Commander #11251. I have had it for over 5 years and have loved it since day 1.”
- Ronald P, Chatsworth, GA

“I would just like to compliment Chase-Durer on making a fine timepiece.  I have owned a Blackhawk Mach 3 for roughly four years and have been extremely pleased with its performance and looks.  It doesn't get much better than Chase-Durer!”
- Pete A, Rye, NY

“I am extremely pleased with my new F-1 Racing watch. Thanks for making an awesome product!!!”
- Robert K, Marysville, PA

“I have had my Wing Commander watch for some 10 years and love it. Thanks!”
- Chris S, San Jose, CA

“Sadly, the only complaint I have about Chase-Durer is that they have almost no dealers in the UK. I have to travel to the states whenever I need a new watch. Hats off to them though.  Probably the best watches I have ever seen or worn. My personal favorite is the special forces 1000.  I wear it whenever I am at work and on ops.”
- Robert D.

“I'm in the US Navy, and a shipmate of mine has one of your watches. I thought it was a wonderful watch, and went out and got the Pilot Commander XVI for myself. I love the watch, and I plan on getting one for my Dad next Christmas. Bravo Zulu,
- Kevin P, Pacifica, CA

“I just purchased my second Chase-Durer. Great watches!”
- Kevin H, Indianapolis, IN

“A few days ago, I received my new watch and it's a gem.
The fit and finish are superb. I can already sense that
this is going to be my favorite watch for a long time. Regards,
- Mark G, Australia

“Just bought an Abyss 1000 dive watch with the black face. It is an awesome watch and an incredible value, considering the details and quality. Does the limited edition of 999 include all 4 colors, or is there 999 of each color?  Just curious.  I've never owned a limited edition watch before.  I am a diver, but I doubt if I'll take this beauty diving.”
- Mike J, Wetumpka, AL

Editor’s note:  There are 999 in total…

“I am a Police Officer in England and purchased two Blackhawk Mach 3 watches about two years ago. I personally have a Black One and my colleague has a Silver One. We have both been impressed with the watches, which are superb. Many Thanks,
 - Iain J, England

“I saw a Chase-Durer watch for the first time in a magazine!  I remember when I first purchased my C BA chronograph watch saying nothing can top this off!!  Boy was I wrong!!  I recently purchased a Chase-Durer Bomber Command watch & it's the best watch I have.  I receive way too many compliments & I tell my friends, ‘If you don't own a Chase-Durer you really don't own a watch!!!’ Thanks Chase-Durer!! Sincerely,
- Marty G, Lubbock, TX

“I just want to thank you for the good service that Chase-Durer provides. My compliments. Regards,
- Tim W, Utrecht, The Netherlands

“I purchased a Chase-Durer Fighter Command watch about a year ago and I am now considering another purchase. My Chase-Durer is one of the finest watches I have ever owned!”
- Doug M, Marina, CA

“I just wanted to commend you on your fabulous watches!  I have had mine for 4 years now, the Falcon Command, and absolutely still LOVE IT!  So much so, that I'm getting ready to order another one, or maybe upgrade to something a little better.  Even the battery is still the same battery that it came with, and it supposedly had a 3 year lifespan.  I guess my watch just doesn't want to shut down!  Other than a few minor scratches on it, it still looks as beautiful as when I first bought it, and it's still working like new.  Thanks so much for a fabulous product and keep up the good work!!!  Sincerely,
- Luis Z, Certified Flight Instructor, Austin, TX

“My wife just bought me the Special Forces 1000 UDT and it is the most beautiful watch I have ever seen.  Thank you so much for making the greatest watches in the world.”
- Matthew B, Houston, TX

“I received my Falcon Command watch today and love it!!!  I'll have to park my B------g for a while and wear this one…  Thanks again for a high quality product offering!!!!”      - Talmage F, Martinsville, VA

“I own a Special Forces Underwater Demolition Team watch. I’m very happy with it. Works better than my R---x. And if I need in the future another watch, no doubt about it I´ll get myself another Chase-Durer.”
- Ricardo M, Herlev, Denmark

“My brother gifted my Chase-Durer Pilot Commander watch last year and it sure was a dream come true for me. I love the watches you guys have. Extremely professional real time watches.  I've always had this craze for jet planes and fighter pilots. It’s just like a dream come true.”
- Usman L, B-6  Officers Colony, Karachi, Pakistan

“Watch search and purchase of a Blackhawk Mach 3. Much better than I thought it would be and keeps great time; I have not had to re-set it since I purchased it over one year ago.”
- Andrew S, Nassau, Bahamas

“I just receive my Combat Command Automatic... What a perfect watch!!! I've had a Br------g Pilot before.... BR------g???? !!!!!  What is it? I've forget this name! Thanks for your work.
Bests from France.”
- Stéphane, France

“I fell in love with the Special Forces UDT 1000 and bought it. Perfect watch for heavy duty, crashed on a wall a couple of times AND NO SCRATCHES, not even the paint!  Really unbelievable - best watch I ever bought. I’m looking forward to see more information on Chase-Durer, and your new watches.”
- Stephan S, Heerlen, Netherlands

“My dad bought one and I loved it! These things are almost as good as the R---x.… maybe even better!!!!”
- Nate B, Hudson, FL

“Just purchased a Special Forces Air Assault Team watch. As a decompression chamber paramedic and motor sport Paramedic this watch will do everything and more expected of it.”
- Paul G, Wrexham, UK

“I received a Chase-Durer UDT 1000 watch as an early Fathers Day gift. I would like to say this is the nicest watch I have ever received. The quality and workmanship are even better than my T-g H---r. Fantastic Job!!! This watch is awesome!!! I have received many compliments on this watch. One of the reasons I asked for a Chase-Durer was because of your great customer service. Your customer testimonials definitely helped me make my decision. This is a great watch and I look forward to many years of good service from this watch as well as your company. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,
- Ted S.

“I owned one of your watches and the damn thing was indestructible, best watch I had ever owned. Unfortunately it was stolen from me.”  
- David S, Las Vegas, NV

“I own a Pilot Commander watch which I am interested in replacing the bezel on. I have flown with this watch in war several times and refuse to replace it but I would love to make it like new again.”
- Jon C, Tucson, AZ

“I purchased a Bomber Command from you all a while back, and it seems to keep great time. I love the watch, and in fact it hasn't left my hand since I purchased it. I have received more compliments on the watch and I always rave to anyone who will listen on how great your watches are. I originally had a S---o, but it always seemed like just a watch. Your products give the feel and look of quality in a way that only a fine timepiece can. Thank you,
- Ryan K, Athens, GA

“Hi there, I bought a Special Forces 1000 Underwater Demolition Team watch from you approx three years ago now and I have to say it has been fantastic!! Many thanks,
- Steve T, Folkestone, England

“I inherited one of your time pieces from my grandfather about 7 years ago. It is a Pilot Commander. I love and cherish this watch.  It is the finest I have ever owned. Thanks a lot!”
- Daemon L, Kentfield, CA

“I now have purchased 3 Chase timepieces. This particular one is the limited edition Pilot Chrono w/3 timezones and numerous other functions. It is a large piece and should only be considered if your wrist can handle the look of a very large watch. The cost, $1,495 is reasonable when compared to other true Pilot watches by Br------g, Z--o, R---e, etc. They want at least $2,500 for watches that don't come close in function or looks. The 27 Jewel ETA Quartz movement is very accurate and the functions operate smoothly. The band takes some getting used to... it is very heavy... Mine is numbered #298. It isn't all that complicated to learn to use, but it does take some practice and time. I also found the alarm to be a bit to "soft"... it could be louder. Overall, this is a very unusual timepiece. A nice piece for true collectors. (I get questions all the time about what it is and where did I get it.) I can recommend Chase... no matter which model you get. They are solid timepieces and are super values for the dollar spent.”
- Awatchguy

“Purchased 2 years ago Special Forces 1000 watch. Interested in purchasing another Chase-Durer watch. Very happy with the one I now own. Thank you for a great product!!!! Sincerely,
-  Ric C, West Paterson, NJ

“I am the proud owner of a Pilot Commander XVA chronograph, which was a gift to me approximately 3 years ago. This is the best watch that I have ever owned, and I wear it constantly. Thanks for your wonderful watch.”
- Joe S.

“Hello. I have a Special Forces Air Combat Team watch. I love this watch it’s held up to my demanding lifestyle and work environment, of diving and working on diesel equipment with solvents and diesel fuel splashing on it plus banging it on the ground or on engines. Thanks,
- David C.

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance. The watch is awesome.”
- Lars B, Denmark

“I recently purchased a Squadron Commander.  I wanted to say that I couldn’t be happier with this watch! It looks great & functions great! Next on my list is the UDT watch. Thanks,
- Nathan M, Laurel, AL

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Special Forces 1000. I bought it 2 years ago at the Empire State Bldg. Co-workers always ask about it. It's the most rugged and reliable time piece I own. Thanks for such a wonderful product.”
- Nelson E, Sheriff, Orlando, FL

“I have just purchased the Trident FCX… what a timepiece! How many more complications can one watch have. None, I believe. I have worn it for two days now and have gotten questions from everyone who has seen it.  This is my 4th Chase-Durer watch and every one is distinctive in its own way.  My wife loves her Lady Hawke Chronograph w/diamond dial. The quality to price ratio is the best in the business. I only know of one other watch that has a similar number of complications to the Trident FCX and it costs $2,500 more. Love this watch! What more can I say?”
- Warren E, Alpharetta, GA

“I just received a UDT 1000 as a 40th Birthday gift from my wife. I own several other watches and I have to say, this is the highest quality watch I have ever owned. I am a Quality Manager and rarely write a letter of praise, but felt compelled to tell you how impressed I am. I am very active kayaking, mountain biking, camping, snorkeling, sailing and several other outdoor sports and this is the perfect watch to meet my demands. Your hard work shows through. If you ever need a spokesperson for your product, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you  for providing such a high quality product, regardless of price.”
- Carl K, Certified Quality Manager and #1 Fan, Clayton, NJ

“I have just this week received one of your watches, a Trident FCX and I’m very, very satisfied with it, I have looked around casually for a new watch for a couple of years and when I stumbled across your website I instantly fell in love with the FCX´s brutal coolness, so Thank You, it´s great!!”
- Jonas B, Kumla, Sweden

“My wife bought me one of your watches 2 years ago, and I love it. I am interested in getting another one.”
- Jeff R, Urbana, IL

“I am a slow and methodical person when it comes to choosing a watch. I have looked at many different time pieces from many different manufacturers, from Swiss to Japanese and have looked over all their features. It seems that for the money and quality, your time pieces can't be beat! I must admit that I have been considering the purchase of a rather expensive Swiss watch from another company and one of my daughters has been inclined to go along with me, but after looking more closely at your products (specifically; your Special Forces 1000 Underwater Demolition Team Watch)it simply can't be beat!!! And at a fraction of the cost of competing watchmakers!!! I will undoubtedly be buying your watch as soon as I take care of some rather unexpected financial needs. Please keep up the good work, oh by the way, I ran into an old friend of mine who had purchased your Special Forces Watch, he's a "watch fanatic" like me and out of all the watches he owns, he swears by it, it's the one he likes best! Let me say that he owns a lot of EXPENSIVE watches! After seeing it (and wearing it, I actually didn't want to give it back) I fell in love with it! Well, it seems I'd better make this short or as one of my sons would say, "it's turning into a book".
- Praxedis L, Brownsville, TX

“I have owned the Black Hawk Mach 3 for almost 3 years. Excellent quality never loses time, crystal has no scratches and both the day and night visibility is outstanding. Highly recommended and very much worth the money.”
- Rick

“Special Forces Air Combat Chronograph. I would like to purchase the Solid Black Steel PVD Band. This watch has served me well for my years. Thanks for the great time piece. Retired SF LTC, 22 years.”
- Bob M, Auburn, CA

“Have had this watch several months. Haven't been too careful with banging it around and the mineral crystal is still scratch free. Keeps great time and shows no adverse effects from being banged into concrete walls or other hard surfaces a few times.”
- Anonymous

“I have purchased for my birthday the SF UDT 1000 // the ultimate military watch! I love it! Your company is definitely the best in the industry by far! No others can compare - not even L-----x!  From this point forward in my life, I will always look toward Chase-Durer for my indestructible watches.  Thank you for a real ace of a product!”
- Garry C, Houston, TX

“This is my second Chase-Durer watch. I bought it because I loved the style and was so impressed with the quality, look and VALUE of my Combat Command Automatic. This Chase Durer is similarly impressive. Beautiful finish and look. Heavy, but very comfortable. +3 second per day accuracy, and I don't think the watch has completely run-in yet. Can't beat the polished mahogany box! Once again, a great value.”
- Bobbysam D.

“I've owned the Pilot Commander XVI for three years and have been proud to wear it daily.  I often check your site for new products.”
- Matt A, Bellona, NY